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Keeping it simple and obvious will keep your clients and visitors happy and coming back for more. Be sure that your visitors are able to locate the necessary information as soon as possible, without searching through heaps of extra information.

There is no point of having a very creative and exciting website, if your viewers are unable to use it and navigate around it to find all of the important information they are searching for. Navigation is best understood as the method in which you explore and move around the website.

Navigation should assist the user in finding all the information they are after, before a call to action can be made. Without navigation, websites can appear unstructured and organised. The navigation bar or tools is a clear indication that your website is filled with knowledge and depth.People have a clear indication of what is on offer and what they can find and expect from the website.

They are also encouraged to explore more, if they are able to clearly see the navigation bars and links. Navigation tools help to break up the website into categories and groups in a logical and understandable group.

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  • We offer free emails for your business.
  • Free website maintenance.
  • Affordable annual domain names.
  • Affordable web hosting.
  • We do excellent designs.

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